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Technique of the Week: Slow Kicks

This week we are working on improving our balance, flexibility, and coordination. Slow kicks are a great way to build muscle and develop great control for your kicking.

Start by: 1) Picking your leg up into chamber, as close to your chest as possible and holding for three seconds.

2) Extending your leg fully into a side kick, or roundhouse kick position and holding it above waist level for three seconds.

3) Recoil your leg back into chamber for at least three seconds.

4) Repeat Extending, and Recoiling for as many reps as possible.

Goal for beginners is 10 reps, for intermediate 25 reps, advanced 50 reps, and Blackbelt Level for 100 reps without letting your foot touch the floor.

Remember progress can be slow, and that consistency is the key to improvement. Keep working each day, and do your best.

If you or your child is in or around Down Town Hickory, NC Come by and train with us! 117 Government Ave SW Hickory, NC 28602

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