Our Instructors

Joshua Page: Head Instructor and Owner of the Academy

















A Martial Artist since 1990, Joshua is a 7th Degree Blackbelt in Freestlye Karate, and a Brown Belt in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. 


With with well over a Decade of competiton experience on the Blackblet Level, Sensei Page has one numerous Local, Regional, and National Granchampionships, National Titles, and a NBL World TItle in 2013. 


In Addition to his own success as a competitor, Sensei Page has been fortunate to Coach many of his students to become champions as well. Some of them competing Nation wide and as far away as Canada, Mexico, Ireland and Belgrade Serbia to name a few. 


Sensei Page stays busy since retiring from competition not only training his students, but also as a writer and speaker, traveling and speaking about his book/challenge to spread random kindness "If You Always Give, You Always Have". 



Chris Urcinola: Lead Instructor and Team Coach

















A lifelong martial artist, and competitor, Sensei Chris is the heart of our competitive team, and our Kicks and Trick Program which combines traditional martial arts, with acrobatic kicking, gymnastics, and life skills to create modern martial artist on and off the mat. 


Sensei Chris has had a long competitive career wining all over the Country in Fighting, Wepons, and Breaking Competition. 


His carrer is Highlighted by winning an NBL World Championship in Breaking in 2013. 

Timmy Quatch:







Timmy started as a white belt at the Academy as a young boy and now almost a decade later has become an amazing                 Blackbelt, Competitor, Coach and Mentor at the Academy.  


Currently pursuing a Degree in medicine, and working full time at the Dojo. Timmy is an excellent role model, and valuable Team member here at the Academy.