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Standing in front of a train is a bad idea.....for many reasons. One of which is that once the train is up to speed, it is very difficult to stop quickly. Changing directions is out of the question, the train is literally on track, with one direction to go.....forward.

Momentum is what makes the train so dangerous to stand in from of. Built up as it moves along the track, getting faster and faster as it goes, the world going by as an ever increasing blur.

We too can use momentum to rocket ourselves forward, through our daily actions, choices, and decisions. Take that just built some momentum towards good health. Read that book....more momentum. Adopt a positive mindset....congratulations you just built some momentum. Stayed home to work on your goals, while your friends are out making some memories, and undoubtably bad decisions....congratulations you just built some momentum (and possibly avoided jail).

Of course the opposite is true as well. Having that bag of double stuffed, extra chocolate, sugar infused, dopamine tickling treat....congratulations you just built some momentum, but in the wrong direction.

There is a power to our daily decisions, to our mindset, to even the tiniest actions that with time can build some truly amazing.....or catastrophic momentum.

Our biggest success, no matter how grand, can be traced back to tiny, consistent, everyday positive choices. Waking up early, exercising, studying, making tiny sacrifices each and every day to get you closer to your goals all become the full for your train to success. They are the tiny sparks that ignite an unstoppable rush of momentum in your favor.

The question is what are the habits, actions, and behaviors YOU are going to choose today to propel you to your desired destination tomorrow, next year, and ten years from now?

Build some positive momentum today, get out of the station, and KEEP MOVING!

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