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Being VS. Getting: The Benefit of Lifestyle over Achievement

"I marked that of my Bucket List." "Been there, done that." "I just got done with my 30 Day Diet!"

We all have things we want to accomplish. Those titles, accolades, achievements, that we want to look back on and say "I did that!"....and their is nothing wrong with that.

Having a getting mentality can take you to some great successes, to some truly amazing accomplishments....but they just can't keep you there.

We see it every time we have a Blackbelt Test. Students push, strive, and work so hard for so many years to achieve the Blackbelt just to tie it on once. Its like building a Race Car from scratch, by your own two hands, dedicating years to making everything race ready. Spending hours upon hours to craft something truly special, built for a special purpose, and with a special ability, just to roll it in the garage and put a cover over it.

The Good News is that all you have to do to take the Getting Mentality to the the next level, to experience the benefits of all those things you have acquired is simply to switch your mindset to a Being Mentality.

Someone with a Being Mentality understands the Goal is important, but the lifestyle, and habits it takes to get there are where the true treasure lies. That Being a Blackbelt, meaning someone who trains everyday, someone who exercises discipline in all areas of life on and off the mat, someone who helps develop the next generation of students, someone who made it to the top of the mountain....just to discover there is another peak above this one, someone who understands that being a Blackbelt is the goal, and getting one is just a part of a much longer process.

You can never train a day in your life and run a Marathon, but it doesn't make you a runner, or Graduate Medical School and never become a Doctor.

True Success, True Benefit, is found in the Art of Being. In developing a Lifestyle over a "ListStyle".

5 Ways to Adopt a Being Mentality for Lifelong Success:

1) Do something Everyday that reinforces who you are. If you are a Blackbelt, train everyday. Either in class, outside, at home. Physical training or mental training, like studying film reading books on martial arts, something that helps you continue to evolve as a martial artist.

2) Help Someone Else get to where you are. Be a good example of the Benefits of being a Blackbelt. Inspire others by your dedication, and take time to help someone else just getting started. It will make you both better, and will cultivate gratefulness for the activity that you do.

3) Set the Bar Higher. You can always do more, go farther, and move the expectations higher. There are infinite things to improve, new things to learn, and new ways to train.....find them.

4) Find a Mentor. We all need someone to guide us, to push us, and to aspire to. Find someone who is going in a direction you would like to go, and learn from them.

5) Write it Down. It sounds simple but, the best way to get somewhere is to Have a Destination! Writing your goals down, your rules for living, your promise to yourself to constantly improve is the first and most valuable step. Review your goals often, keep them where you can see them.

What do you want to get, achieve, become? What does your lifestyle, your habits, your daily actions say about that?

Today is the day for you to Get Up, Get Out, and Get Moving!

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