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Finding the Right Ears for Kids Being Bullied

Quick Video for kids and families dealing with bullying, with a quick tip to get help and get through a bullying situation.

1 in 4 Kids are a victim of Bullying in the United States, many of which feel alone, like they are to blame for their situation, and like they have no one to talk to.

This video was made to offer some hope, encouragment, and direction for those kids and thier families.

We are comitted to helping as many kids, not only in our comminity of Hickory, NC but anywhere someone might find this video.

#HickoryAcademyofMartialArts #Motivation #JoshuaPage #NC #CatawbaCounty #karate #JiuJitsu #Hickory #Instruction #Kindness #Bullying #bullyingprevention

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