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"The Bell Lap"

"Josh this is the Bell Lap!"

These are the words one of my running buddies says to me every morning as we start the last mile of our run. They have become a part of the run that always makes me smile.

The Bell Lap is a reminder that we are almost done, that the finish line is in sight, and now is not the time to slow down.....its time to speed up!

Its the lap where we push a little harder, dig a little bit deeper, and sprint past the finish line.

Whats amazing is, even on those days that I am struggling to keep pace, that I feel like my tank is empty and my brain is screaming at me to "just stop running, start walking, slow down and rest, we will make it up tomorrow." when I hear those words "This is the Bell Lap!" I get reenergized, refocused, and everything hurts just a little bit less.

The Bell Lap is our reminder, that when we think we are done, exhausted, or ready to give out, that we are just getting started, that we have a whole other tank of fuel, that right past that weakness in our body and mind there is a whole new wave of willpower just waiting on us to tap into.

Don't feel like you can stick to the diet? Don't feel like you can finish the project? Don't feel like you can make the class, show up for work today, mend the relationship, deal with the stress, come back from the injury, the surgery......This Is The Bell Lap!

The truth is you have already done so much hard work just to get to this point, you whole life has brought you to this moment. The ups and downs, the success and failure, every single step has prepared you for this moment in time....and you are just getting started. Now is not the time to slow down, its time to speed up, to find that new gear, to become refreshed, renewed, and empowered by running headfirst through the line and focus on the next one beaming brightly in the distance.

Today is your Day, to speed up. Get up, get out, get moving!

About the Author:

-Joshua Page is a Sensei, training in martial arts for over 30 years, Author, and Anti-Bullying Advocate speaking with kids and families about using kindness as self-defense. Sensei Page recently launched an initiative to help motivate and inspire people to become more healthy, after his own journey of losing 100 pounds.

Follow his work, and start your own journey here:

Free Book on Kindness as Self Defense, and Kindness Challenge: Click Here

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