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Be Nice Until.......

In the Immortal words of Patrick Swayze from the classic film Road House (ok maybe classic is a stretch) "Be Nice...Until it's time Not to be nice."

Great advice, but it begs the question. When is it time not to be nice? When exactly is enough...enough? When do you have the Green Light not to be nice?

We see people making the decision to "not be nice" daily. Just think about the last time you were in traffic....especially when there is road construction going on, or a slow the left lane. Or maybe in the drive thru when you have to do the dreaded "drive up and wait for your food", even worse.....when your Netflix is being slow! Did you make the decision not to be nice one of those times?

Of course you did, we all do, and probably....most likely....more often than didn't help at all. It probably didn't make you feel any better, and it defintly didn't make anyone else feel great either.

So the answer to when is it time "not to be nice" is......never. There is always a chance to smile, always time to breath and take a second to respond the right way, to push aside all those unhelpful things and to just be nice.

It doesn't mean you can't be honest, or genuine. Or that you have to be a door mat for people to walk all over.

It means that even when the answer is no, or when you have to relay bad news, or you are on the receiving end of some good old fashioned "ugliness" you can always be nice.

Kindness is the one commodity that increases the more its used. It is that secret ingredient that makes everything taste better. It is the invisible beauty product that gives your face and your personality just a little more glow. It is the medicine that heals in a way that is hard to see, but easy to feel. It is the gift that makes the giver and the receiver feel like they both got something priceless.

Not Convinced? Then I challenge you to take our 50 Day Kindness Challenge it is a simple program, its free, and if it doesn't work we will triple refund you (did I mention its free).

Need More Help? Simply Download our free "50 Days" Book to get ideas and step by step instructions and challenges to reach 50 awesome acts of kindness.

What you will find is the power of simply being be nice, and you will feel the clam and peace that comes from letting go of all those "not to be nice" moments, and you might even help some one else do the same......

Link to the Book:

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