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"Hear it in Your Feet" Gaining Traction, Reaching Your Goals for 2019

“Hear it in Your Feet”

Every heard some really good advice? Heard something that got your head nodding? That got you fired up?

You might have even tapped the person next to you and said, “I am doing this!”. You might have even written it down on your phone.

Maybe on the ride home you even played out the senerio in your head, made a personal movie of you achieving your goal.

Maybe, just maybe you did one of these……and probably thats as far as it went. We have all done this, we heard something great, that we desperately want and need to do, but we just “heard it in our ears”.

Ears are great, especially for glasses, but horrible for creating traction. In fact after years of doing jiu-jitsu, I actively avoid having any traction, or friction against my ears (just google cauliflower ear).

Feet however are built for traction, built for movement, designed to carry us forward towards our destination.

Practice hearing great advice “in your feet”.

Putting the good news, to good use. Putting the theory to practice, putting the hypothetical to the test.

Hearing with your feet takes practice, daily practice at that. It involves risk. It requires effort, and requires us to stumble and fall, and get back up over and over again.

However difficult, and slow the process is though, it will always get you farther than your ears will.

Get up, get out, and get moving!

-Joshua Page, Hickory Academy of Martial Arts

IG@ hickoryacademy

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