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"In Case of Emergency....."

"In case of a sudden loss of Cabin pressure a masks will drop from the overhead compartment. Make sure to fit your mask on first safely and securely, then secure the other mask to your child."

Have you ever heard or seen this speech before a fight? Chances are you have, and most likely it made perfect sense to you, after all, how can I help my child if I am unconscious? It seems obvious really, I have to take care of me, so I can take care of them. I have to model the behaviors I want my kids to copy, so they can be safe, secure, and healthy.

Don't believe me randomly and in a panic chase a three year old around with an oxygen mask trying to get it on them, and keep it on them!

We know how important modeling, assisting, and sticking to the plan, is in an emergency.....but In our Day to Day life it gets a little trickier.

We want our kids to have manners, to be helpful, to be healthy, to be disciplined, to be helpful, to be leaders........but sometimes we forget to "put our masks on first". Sometimes we teach from the "do as I say" perspective, instead of the "do as I do" perspective.

What we say is important, does make a difference, does have an effect, but what we DO is Powerful, what we DO shapes the behavior of our children without them even knowing it.

A parent once asked Ghandi to ask her Sugar Obsessed Son to stop eating so much sugar. She actually made quite an effort to go and speak with him, so when he said "bring him back in two weeks", she was quite confused and probably angry. However she did as he asked, and two weeks later Ghandi spoke with her Son about cutting back on sugar, and how it was bad for your health. Afterwards the Mother spoke to Ghandi to thank him, but also to ask why he had asked for two weeks before talking to her Son. The answer was simple, but profound "Two Weeks ago I had an Obsession with sugar. I needed that time to cut back myself."

Ghandi understood he needed to "put on his mask" before he tried to help anyone else with theirs.

Today is a great day to start improving the lives of the people you love........through being the example they need. To take care of those around you by taking good care of yourself. I am not sure if they are listening.....but I know for a fact that they are Watching!

BTW, we have a classes for you each and every week, stop waiting! Get up, get out, and get moving!

-Joshua Page, Hickory Academy of Martial Arts

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