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''Hurricanes and earthquakes get all of the publicity, but termites do more damage....'' -Zig Ziglar

Big Events, Major Events, the events that are shocking, and almost unimaginable just seem to get all the press. Wars gets minute by minute coverage. The big court case gets aired live online. These days the big events even get seen live on someones Social Media before the News can even cover it!

What we don't see most of there time are the little daily events, choices, and habits that create these events. Those small, minute, daily choices that create the big ripples across our world.

It's the same in our lives. The bad report from the Doctor about your Blood Pressure, or even worse, the surprise Heart Attack that just comes out of nowhere, that panic attack or blow up on the way to work Monday morning that finally gets your attention to make some much needed changes in your life.

Most of the time those changes are drastic, because they have to be! Many times these are so hard to maintain, we struggle so much, we fall right back into our old patterns of behavior, and cross our fingers for a better result this time......until the next hurricane rolls through, or next earthquake rattles the ground beneath us.

Today, this very moment, is a great time to consider the termites. To take a hard look at the little, seemingly innocent, or minor choices that, like termites, take lots and lots of little bites!

That extra sugar in your coffee, the going to bed a little later, skipping the daily walk, hanging around negative people, too much social media, not enough reading, missing time with many little bites from your health and wellness every single day.

They do so much more damage than we think, accumulate faster than we can imagine, and weigh us down so slowly we don't even realize we are sinking until the major event happens. When we need to move quickly, and find we are stuck in the mud of our own making.

The good news is that we can put ourselves back on solid ground the same way we stuck ourselves in the mud! Slow, easy, digestible bites. Through making good small decisions daily. Choosing the salad, taking the walk, going to the jiu-jitsu class twice a week, reading to your child at the end of a busy day, taking a break from screens and getting outside.....thousands of bites for you to take each week!

When we take enough small bites, from the things that truly enrich us, we might even discover that the big events, the ones that get all the press, the Big House, the Extravagant Vacation, the Big Success we see online and on Social Media isn't as appealing, does not fulfill us as much as the world might lead us to believe, that happiness might just be best enjoyed in small, daily bites, shared with the people that you love, in the places that connect us with nature and the amazing world that we have been ignoring chasing after all those Hurricanes and Earthquakes!

-Get up, Get Out, Get Moving!

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