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In Spite of Vs. Because of

Stop me if you have heard this one before....There were twins of an Alcoholic Father. One never drank a drop of alcohol, one was plagued by alcoholism his whole life. When they asked the twin who never drank "why have you never had any alcohol?" He responded simply "Because my Father was an Alcoholic." They then asked the twin who suffered from alcoholism "why do you think you struggle with drinking?" His response was simple "Because my Father was an Alcoholic."

Our lifestyle, our behaviors, our habits.....our very happiness and success can be affected greatly by one simple mindset shift. The shift from a "because of mentality" to an In Spite of Mentality"

The decision that our lives will not be shaped or colored by our past, the things that happened to us, or by the obstacles, and perceived limitations that we might have in our paths. The choice to not settle for less, to give up, and quit Because of a difficulty or complication to our success.

It means that instead of saying "I'm too busy to"...........make it the class, to do the workout, to read the book, to hit the road early for the run, to stay after to catch up, that you say my schedule is tight but, In Spite of it I make time for things that matter to me, I wake up a little earlier, I spend a little less time online, I pre make the meals to have more time at lunch, I put down the phone, iPad, Computer, or controller a little earlier.

The mindset that despite my challenges I will be successful, in spite of whatever comes my way.....I will find a way, I will make the way, because I refuse to be defined by my past, my current situation or what the world thinks, because I know it is better to fail being bold that succeed being mediocre.

What is your In spite of look like today?

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