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Technique of the Week: Spinning Hook Kick

We are back with another Technique of the Week. This week we are working on a Spinning Hook Kick. Many times students get intimidated with starting to learn spins and go through some serious frustration here are a few tips to take the stress out spin kicks and get you rolling. Enjoy, Train, and Share your progress with us!

Spin Kick Tips:

1) Relax! Every kick requires us to be loose and use technique over speed and power. Aim for smooth and precise technique.

2) Turn your feet, hips, and then shoulders before you commit to the spin. Most basic spin kicks are recalling just turning kicks. We are simply turning our back and using our back leg to follow through on the kick.

3) Have Fun! Learning to spin kick is a process, enjoy the journey and focus on getting 1 percent better each training session.

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