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From Wishes to Goals: 2019 Success Guide

New Year, New Chance, Clean Slate. Kick off your new year by taking your dreams and wishes, and turning them into goals, taking action on those goals, seeing them through, and having a truly amazing 2019.

Below are a few tips to get started and link to our 2019 Success Planning Guide to get you kickstarted to Success this Year!

Goal Success Tips:

  1. 1) Post your goals where you can See Them! Read them three times a day!

  2. 2) Set Reminders to your phone, tablet or device to keep you on track.

  3. 3) “Do the Math” Break down how much time you need each day to work on your goal and subtract it from the time wasters in your life (TV, Social Media, Couch Time, Complaining, Etc.)

  4. 4) Stay Consistent, make a little progress each day. It all adds up.

  5. 5) Check in with your mentor. Keep yourself accountable by checking in with your mentor at least once a week.

  6. 6) Read: Find books that inspire you, read them, pass them onto someone else, and get book recommendations from successful people.

  7. 7) “Own your morning” Find at least 20 minutes to exercise each morning. This means waking up earlier!

  8. 8) Journal: Write down a summary of each day before you go to sleep. Your ups, downs, lessons learned, and anything else you want to write.

  9. 9) “Fly with the Eagles” Hang around, seek out, bring together other goal driven, disciplined people. You are becoming the Sum of your five closest friends.....Choose Wisely.

  10. 10) Take Ownership: Your Success, or Failure is yours and yours alone. No excuses, just adjustments!

Goal Success Sheet Link: Here

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