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Dojo News: June 2017

Around the Dojo

News |Events | and Motivation - June 1st 2017

Belt Testing

Saturday, June 24th 2017

Little Dragons 9am to 10am

Kids beginners 10am to 11am

Kids Advanced and Adults 11am to 12pm

Ladies Self Defense Seminar

Friday June 23rd from 6pm to 8pm. Open to all Women in our community. This Class will teach simple, effective self-defense, awareness, and abduction prevention. Sign up today to save a spot.

Summer Schedule

You worked too hard this year, just to quit this summer! We believe, know, and have experienced the benefit long term training in the martial arts.

Stay on track with regular classes and Summer Camps.

Copies of the Summer Class Schedule are online:

Fathers Day….Every Day

June is a Month that we take time out to celebrate the Men in our lives who step up and make a difference.

It might be a Father, Step Father, Grandfather, or another Man who works hard to better our lives and our families.

In honor of all the Dads out there we are offering the entire month of June for FREE TRAINING in our new HYPER FIGHT CLUB ClASS that meets every Tuesday and Thursday Evening from 7:30pm to 8:30pm.

Martial arts for men is about more than self defense against an attacker.

In fact on of the Leading causes of Death for Men is Heart Disease.

Men are more likely to be attacked by High Blood Pressure, Stress, and sedentary lifestyle than almost anything else.

Get a free month of class certificate for your Dad today!

Summer Camps!

We are excited for four unique camp experiences for you to experience this year. Camp time has been expanded to 4 hours, running from 8am to 12pm. Make sure to reserve your spot today as we are running out of spots quickly!

2017 Camp Schedule:

Karate Camp

August 14th to 18th

JIu-Jitsu Camp:

August 31st to August 4th

Samurai Camp:

June 26th to 30th

Kicks and Tricks Camp:

July 17th to 21st

New Schedule

One of the most difficult things we put together each season is our class schedule. We made a few minimal changes this year and expanded our Hyper Fight Club and Pro-Training Classes. Adults now have even more chances to train and get fit, with Hyper Fitness at 5:30pm on Monday and Wednesday, and Hyper Fight Club at 7:30pm to 8:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday. We have also added a Jiu-Jitsu Fundamentals class at 5:30pm on Monday and Wednesday as well.

Two Ways to Practice Blackbelt Life Skills at Home:

  1. Download a Success Chart from our website in the students Zone. Use it to remind your child to perform the 12 essential tasks that will make them successful on and off the mat each day. Have them turn in their completed Sheets for a Character Stripe at the Dojo.

  2. Acts of Kindness: Perform 50 acts of random and planned acts of kindness to earn “belts” in kindness. 200 Acts completed and turned in, will earn students a “blackbelt in kindness” and they will receive a Blackbelt in Kindness Bracelet!

Uniform Policy: It is disrespectful to come to class in shorts, yoga pants, or t-shirts. Every student should attend class in a clean, complete uniform, and belt. During July and August karate students may train in a School T-Shirt.

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