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Make Someone Cry Today

You should make at least one person cry today, in fact you should go out of your way to make them cry.

However you should not make them cry the easy way, through anger, fear, shame, or anything that makes someone feel like they are “less”.

Your aim today, your mission, your purpose is to affect at least one person in a way that brings them so much joy, peace, compassion, and love that their tears are the consequence of their gratitude and appreciation.

Those tears are a reflection of not just a full heart, but of an overfilled heart. Those tears are physical evidence of an emotional experience.

So many people are going to cry today because of what happened yesterday, and of what they are afraid of will happen tomorrow. They will shed precious tears over things that can never sustain them, bring them healing, bring them closer to joy.

You have the power, in the simplest of ways, to bring them those things they need to move forward, to live in the “present of the present”, the gift of today.

Today, walk in a way that brings other to joy, speak in a way that brings others peace, give in a way that shares your love and kindness. Live in a way that tells the story of your life in a way that will inspires other to do the same.

Make someone cry in the best of ways, in the most simple, and most difficult ways. Not only will their lives be changed, but your heart might just begin to overfill as well.

-Joshua Page,

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